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Molds and Spore Invasion

June 8th, 2011
If regular checks and cleaning are done, maintenance of gutters will be a breeze. Cleaning the debris and flushing them out may look like the job’s done, but it’s actually just a part of it. Aside from the usual things you clean up, there’s also molds and spores that might give that naturally aged look, but it can also be a safety concern.
Molds grow almost anywhere as long as it’s somewhere warm, damp and humid. In gutters, molds help break down the debris and make it decay and disintegrate. It’s like a waste processing facility and recycles them. They multiply through spores and spread by insects, air and water. Aside from gutters, the perfect breeding ground for spores are the kitchen sink, pipes and other damp places. 

How can one spot the molds inside and outside the house? The fascinating greenish tint in walls is an indicator that they do exist in your house. Though it looks nice, these should be put into attention as exposure to molds can be hazardous. Some people have allergic reactions to these, such as congestion in breathing, cough, skin irritation, and others.

There’s a whole lot of causes for mold growth in your gutter system. Trees and plants close to the home block the sun, which can be a perfect location for them to breed. If you’re not cleaning your gutters regularly, expect to see them grow. Much worse when clogged gutters are not taken care of right away – moisture stays along the gutter along with the debris which becomes an instant breeding ground.

No matter how easy for them to grow and spread, it is still easy to prevent it from happening. It simply starts with regular gutter cleaning. Aside from attaching gutter covers, it’s still best to always check for any leaks and potential repairs. A scrub brush is recommended to scrape any mold that’s starting to grow, as well as a liquid bleach. A face mask needs to be worn to prevent any inhalation, and a sealant should be applied to painted gutters. Lastly, consider painting your house with mildew-resistant paint.

Having these done will keep not only your gutter system safe, but also the other parts of your house as well.

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