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Posted in: Gutter Cleaning
Time for Gutter Cleaning
July 29th, 2011

Time. There is always a proper time for doing things. Eating, going to work, time for the family and the like. We live in a fast-paced world, where stopping for a breather is almost impossible. It’s so fast that we tend to neglect other things that we sometimes disregard as “not important,” or your mind goes like, “I’ll just do it tomorrow or next time.” Those habits take a while to die, and they are…

Posted in: Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Cover, Gutter System

Quick Tip 9: Downspout Checking
July 28th, 2011

When paying someone to clean your gutters, make it clear with them if they’ll clean the downspouts as well. Some services don’t include cleaning the downspouts — a clean gutter isn’t enough obviously. Better yet, when cleaning the gutters yourself, run some water in it all the way to the downspouts to check for potential clogs. Just in case there are, you can disassemble the downspout or use a plumbing snake to push the debris…

Posted in: Gutter Cleaning, Gutter System, Quick Tip

Cleaning Gutters for the First Time
July 27th, 2011

Some people have become dependent in the past several years, in terms of technology and work. Inventions, new concepts and innovations have sprouted like weed. It serves their purpose anyway – making things easier, efficient and less effort required. It’s the same for the gutter system. In ancient times, (yes, gutters did exist way, way before) simple irrigation systems diverted floodwater and was directed to farms and back to nature. Simple but it does the…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Cover, Gutter System

Gutter Myths
July 25th, 2011

Home maintenance is never, and will never be easy. Maintaining cleanliness inside the house is never a few hours’ worth of work. Take the bathroom as an example. That alone houses a lot of bacteria, and it gets worse when the plumbing joins in the fun. Having a clogged toilet bowl is a nightmare, a definite example of hell in the house. The kitchen also houses a lot of germs, and that has to be…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Cover, Gutter System

Gutter Debris: What Else Can You Do With It?
July 13th, 2011

Almost all homeowners dislike cleaning gutters. Aside from the amount of debris – leaves, water and even insects – they also have another thing to worry. What can you do with the debris you’ve picked up? Some just put it straight to the garbage bag, but come to think about it – there are things that you can do with it aside from just throwing it right there and then. A popular way of putting…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cleaning