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Sagging Gutters

August 24th, 2011

Any device or system should be in good condition in order for it to work properly. A simple issue or a slight change from its normal operation; such as a change of position of its parts – may greatly affect its function. This also includes the house gutter system. Since commonly gutters are installed by other parts such as ferrules or spikes, there’s a chance that they may loosen and the gutters will sag.

A sagging gutter isn’t a good sight at all – it can make your house look as if it’s about to collapse! Sagging gutters have a tendency to make a small pool, which can create a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Leaving your gutter this way will make the damage spread, until your fascia rots and your gutters fall down. Replacing gutters is not cheap, the fascia boards are damaged too.

Gutter sag can be caused by many things. For example placing ladders against them can break or bend the gutter. Temperature changes also affect gutters. As seasons change gradual expansion and contraction will occur, thus slightly pulling the attachments such as ferrules and spikes. The damage won’t show right away, but after some time you’ll see slight changes on the alignment of the gutters. Repairing it is easy, as long as you do something about it as soon as you do something about it as soon as you notice some issues right away.

Here are some quick fixes for gutter sagging:

For gutters installed by hangers, remove the latter first. It’s recommended to have someone with you to help you with putting down the attachments. Most probably the brackets might be damaged.  Replace them with brand new ones, apply caulk to the old holes  and make sure that you attach the brackets on the same height as  the old ones.

For gutters installed by spikes or ferrules, you can do a quick fix for slightly bent ones. Just remove it and straighten it up with a hammer. You can use locking pliers to have a tight grip. Better yet, you can also replace them with new ones.  Use slivers coated with adhesive to the nail hole to make it secure, then insert the new spike or ferrule.


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