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Gutter Cleaning

June 3rd, 2011

As we all know, gutters make sure that the house doesn’t get soaked with water and pile up with debris. A freshly-installed gutter system can work so well that even the owner will enjoy sudden rains and the sound water makes while passing the downspouts. Soil erosion around the house is prevented as long as the gutters are working well.

When the gutter clean up time comes, it gets serious. For some, it’s a task that they don’t like to do, due to the hassle of cleaning up debris. Paying a professional is fine, but if you can do it yourself – why not? Cleaning the gutters is easy as long as you have the tools and use them properly.

Ladders: Reaching the roof is made easier through ladders. For normal houses, the A-frame ladder is fine as the sturdy base and the attached shelf is perfect for the other tools you will use. When the house is 2 floors or more then you need the extension ladder. An extension ladder usually is about 8-10 feet long, so it could be useful for slightly higher house. One needs to be more careful though – install supports for safety.

Bucket/Trash Bag: One can just drop the debris in one specific spot while cleaning, but you can save time if you use a bucket or a trash bag. In that way you don’t have to spend more time sweeping or picking them up the ground. If using a trash bag, don’t just use a single, big bag. It’ll be heavy.

Hand Gloves: Don’t ever clean your gutters with your bare hands. Wear hand gloves when picking up debris. Rubber gloves may do the trick, but it can be better if you have the thicker work gloves. Gutter parts such as spikes and edges may be sharp and can inflict wounds.

Hand Brush/Steel Brush: A layer of mud and dirt could build up when gutters aren’t cleaned up for a while, aside from the usual leaves and debris. Use the brush to carefully scrape it off and use water to wash it off or use the hand shovel.

Hand Shovel: This makes picking up debris a lot easier – and safer too. A garden shovel is a good alternative, aside from shovels custom made for gutter cleaning. Your old kitchen spatula can be used too.

Water Hose: If you have the pressurized hose, then you are absolutely having fun with gutter cleaning. Use this or the ordinary hose to flush out debris that you can’t pick up. This can also be used for checking leaks and any issues with the water flow.

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