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5 Tips For Fascia Boards

October 12th, 2011
A simple block of wood can serve lot of purpose. Add a few inches of wood pieces and you can make a  small chair out of it. A block of wood can serve as a small platform for bookshelves and can also be a foot rest. A block of wood can be used as a chopping board at home or when out camping. A piece of wood, when slightly longer can also serve another purpose – the fascia board. 

What is exactly a fascia board? It’s simply a piece of wood that’s attached to the edge of the roof. Not only it serves as an attachment for gutters, but it protects the edge of the roof and the house interior from weather damage. It is very important that the fascia board is well maintained so it’s prepared against the usual wear and tear brought about by nature.

Here are tips to keep your fascia boards in “good health.”

Regular Inspection. When checking your gutter system, make sure to do your checks on the fascia boards too. Since gutters redirect water, check for any potential leaks and repairs needed for the fascia. Exposure to moisture could result in wood rot.

Angled Parts. The angled boards of the fascia are the ones most susceptible to early signs of rot. When checking your fascia boards, this part is a good indicator if the latter is still in top condition.

Proper Replacement. When a part of the fascia is rotten, do NOT put a new one over it. It’ll just make matters worse. When a part of the fascia is rotten, just saw it off and replace it with a new one.

Proper Preparation. Fascia is best when painted, but not just ordinary paint. Make sure every piece of fascia you have is painted and coated with a Wood Hardener, primed and painted. This can make your fascia last for several years!

PVC, anyone? PVC fascia boards is an excellent solution for any rotting issues. Cleaning them is simple, a little washing and wiping does the trick. This type of fascia board outlasts the ones made from wood (but treated wood is excellent too). This translates to easier maintenance.

How do you maintain the good condition of your fascia boards? You can join in the discussion at Hallett Gutter Cover’s Facebook page. Hallett Gutter Cover has been providing the best gutter guards since 1995, have a look at their site today to get good deals!

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