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7 Reasons to Install Gutter Guards

September 5th, 2011

We have to accept one fact nowadays – weather’s really unpredictable. One sunny day after you’ve had your gutters cleaned, weather suddenly changes from fine to grumpy. Whether it’s a sudden series of strong winds or heavy rain – it’s an absolute day spoiler. No matter how you ignore suggestions of getting something to prevent sudden gutter clutter, one day you have to really think about getting gutter guards. Why?

Here are seven reasons.

  1. Lesser trips up the ladder. Gutter guards helps minimizing, if not eliminating gutter cleaning. No matter how much other brands promise you on not cleaning them again, you still have to – but it’ll be easier.
  2. Pest prevention. When leaves and other clutter stay on the gutter for a while, it becomes a perfect breeding ground for insects. The moist environment for them is heavenly. On the other hand, it becomes hell when you do the cleaning. Bee stings – not nice!
  3. No molds and spores. With gutter guards redirecting the water and debris properly – your attic, soffits and crawl spaces are well-protected from rotting.
  4. Stable house foundation. When water isn’t diverted properly AWAY from the house due to the absence of gutter guards, clogging will be common. Not to mention the potential leaks to your downspouts, then the water gets down to your house foundation. Constant exposure to water makes the soil softer.
  5. A good add-on for the house. Do gutter guards just “protect” the gutter? No. It also looks good as an add-on for the house, like an accessory to a car. It even looks better if the gutter guards’ color is the same as the house theme.
  6. Ice Dams. With gutter guards, ice dams are minimized too. If there’s no water settling on the roof edge, ice won’t pile up.
  7. Hallett Gutter Covers! If you’ll decide to invest on a gutter guard, why not go ahead and check out what Hallett Gutter Covers can offer? The reverse curve design ensures that minimal clutter will get inside the gutters.




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