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Aluminum Gutters

October 14th, 2011
For the past several years, there’s a lot of new gutter types that have been introduced. Consumers are more practical – they’ve become critical thinkers when it comes to value and performance. We are always on the lookout for good alternatives or a counterpart of almost everything. Gutter types differ a lot in terms of the materials they’re made from. If you want it with class and have a slightly higher budget you can go for copper. If you want a cheaper choice (and can be installed yourself), you can go for vinyl or plastic gutters. However, a majority of home owners will still choose this popular type – aluminum.

Aluminum gutters before have shown “average” performance, i.e. the paint gradually gets peeled off and it’s always prone to denting or getting bent. But over the years, it’s still the leading choice of homeowners due to its resistance to rust and the ability to last for a long time (as long as 30 years, depending on the maintenance), not to mention the affordable price. There have been also improvements in aluminum gutters, such as the thickness.

Proper maintenance of aluminum gutters really start with the very day you bought it. Make sure that the aluminum gutter you buy is not too thin (.035 inches at least). Having it too thin will lead to instant damage from ladders and will sag easily against heavy water flow. Most of the aluminum gutters are already painted by the time of purchase and is already primed. Check with the manufacturer if unsure of the paint finish. If you bought it unpainted, make sure to apply primer on it before you apply the coat of paint.

When cleaning aluminum gutters, it’s best to use scrub brushes and dishwashing soap. As much as you want to whip out your pressure washer for cleaning, it’s not recommended to use them on aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters will sag or be bent on heavy weight, having water being sprayed on a high pressure at them will give the same effect. When going up to clean, don’t lean the ladder against the gutter. It’ll give a bad dent – restoring it in shape will be not easy. Make sure to always check the gutters for leaks and potential damage. Always use caulk for sealing them and you can use aluminum flashing to patch minor leaks.

Aluminum gutters, though can be replaced by other varieties, will always be a “crowd favorite.”

What’s your way of maintaining your aluminum gutters? Do you prefer other gutter types? You can share your thoughts and discuss it among other homeowners at Hallett Gutter Cover’s website and Facebook page.

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