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Basement Flooding

August 4th, 2011

Almost every single house in the US has a basement. Who wouldn’t want to? A basement – simply put – is space below a house, like a lower ground floor. Windows can be optional, and can have different locations of access such as a door inside or outside the house. It can be used for a lot of purpose; can be a mini-gym, storage for unused stuff in the house and maybe even a spare room.

One of the main concerns for gutter systems is the effects of not having them maintained properly. The one that suffers the most is the house basement. Why? Even though you may have a drainage system below, and water is directed properly when “it’s down there” already – there are chances that it might overflow. Wet basements (which may lead to flooding) are usually caused by:

No Gutters Installed. Some homeowners believe that they can manage to keep the house dry by their ground drains alone. Actually… no, as there is a greater chance of overflowing if water is coming from all directions – not to mention the “splatter dirt” that you’ll get on your walls. Imagine the house with no gutters and expect a hard time cleaning up – debris and all.

Clogged Downspouts. Of course, clogged downspouts will make the gutters flood up, and if left unfixed it’ll have leaks in the long run. It will also mean water stains on walls and downspouts.

Water Runoff. One issue that some homeowners forget to check when buying new or used houses is the way the land slopes. Adjacent lawns, driveways and walkways must be sloping away and not towards the house. If it goes toward the house – you’ll be having a bad day every time it rains.

What can you do about it? Prevent it before it happens. A big progress will be made as soon as you install gutters on your home. Aside from ground drainage, a gutter system will regulate the water flow and will not cause any splatter on the walls. With downspouts, make sure you check them regularly for potential clogs and damage. Don’t hesitate to add more downspouts if water needs to be distributed evenly and to prevent flooding. Make sure that the landscape sloping you have directs water away from your house. If not, have a contractor make some adjustments. Underground drains or trenches are recommended too.


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