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Best Gutter Cleaning Method

June 22nd, 2012

Gutters don’t stay clean and dandy forever and that’s why we must keep a regular schedule for its cleaning. The recommended intervals for gutter cleaning is at least twice a year. It doesn’t count the sudden cleanups yet nor the extra cleaning those owners decide to do. What’s the usual cleaning method that you use? How to other owners keep their gutters in good shape?

New ways have been introduced for gutter cleaning. The increasing number of ladder accidents are commonly from roof repair or cleaning (that’s where gutter cleaning falls under) and people are always open for alternative, safer and easier methods. They’d almost give anything just to be able to clean gutters from a safe place.

There are several devices for cleaning gutters. Some of them are the following:

Telescopic Pole – It may sound new or foreign to you but it’s just a pole that can be attached to your garden hose. Having this attachment, you don’t have to go up the ladders to flush out debris. All you have to do is get that pole, attach the hose, hold it up near the gutters and just flush it all. A small downside to this gadget is holding it for longer periods could prove to be tiresome. Imagine yourself holding up a pole for several minutes? It gets tiring.

iRobot Looj – From how it sounds, it surely does get your attention. Robotic. Advanced machines are all around in factories for ease of labor. How about for your gutters, let’s say… a gutter cleaner robot? The iRobot Looj looks promising from the video footages the makers have shown. Imagine a device that flings out the leaves while you control it with a remote – slick. A lot of customers were satisfied at first because upon testing the device on tougher buildups of leaves it begins to struggle. The robot weakens and fails to deliver.

Pressure Washer – It’s incredibly satisfying when pressure washers are around. Pressure washers are excellent for cleaning house walls, driveways and sometimes even gutters. Gutters? Yes, though the immense force of water coming from the pressure washer gives a big risk of damage. Unless you want to give your gutters the possibility of making them sag, it’s best to set aside the pleasure of using the pressure washer.

Gutter Sense – This seems to be a nifty invention before. It’s practical, won’t cost that much and the mechanism is simple. It’s also composed of a pole, except that on the other end there’s a clamp-like attachment that can be operated by pulling a string. It gets the job done from below but it gets tiring after a while. The clamp mechanism doesn’t get all the debris and the absence of a mirror makes you guess if the gutter is completely clean or not.

These tools offer a promise of easier and safer cleaning. That’s absolute. However just because it’s modern it does not mean that it’s always the best. The simple way of using the ladder, bucket (or garbage bag), hand shovel and work gloves is still the preferred method of most home owners and gutter cleaners alike. Why? Though it makes you go up the ladder, you’d be able to spot any potential issues. You are able to see the whole span of the gutter and no debris shall be spared.  Accidents can be prevented. A-Frame Ladders. Proper work shoes. Work gloves. Buckets with hooks. Ladder stabilizers. It’s endless! Proper tools makes your cleaning safer and worry-free. You can also request for a paid service too if you want to stay on the safer side.You can also have gutter guards installed. It greatly minimizes the need for cleaning (it depends on your location and your surroundings too) and keeps your gutter free from debris for the longest time possible. How do you clean up your gutters?


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