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Do Gutter Covers Really Work?

May 30th, 2011

Companies over time have been aiming to make a gutter system more flexible to the unpredictable weather. Whether it’s strong rain, winds, intense heat from the sun and snow – it’s hard to predict it at all. The house needs to be as tough as a castle – a place that can guarantee safety from virtually almost anything. It’s essential that every bit of the house is in good condition whatever the situation is.

A gutter system acts as a water pipeline for the roof. It regulates water flow and ensures that it never makes the house foundation soaked and damp. When the house foundation is soaked, it weakens. It may not be noticed right away, but the house could gradually succumb to its effects. A clogged gutter could make a small pool of water, which can be a breeding ground of insects, such as mosquitoes. Water may seep through the fascia and soffits, which can result to damages and costly repairs.

Gutters have been used in early times. The purpose is simply to regulate the water flow, and with the gutter covers – keep the debris out. The principle of surface adhesion has done a good job, with the reverse curve mechanism. The water clings to the curve and goes in, while the debris just simply fall down. Other designs have been invented such as sponges, brushes, slits, and the wire mesh which is increasing in popularity. But do these actually work and get the job done?

No matter how innovative the designs are, certain tests have shown some shortcomings. The gutter brush works well at the start, but gradually be clogged if not cleaned regularly. The ones that come with slits are still penetrated by other types of seeds and pile up the gutter. Other types may do its job in keeping the debris out, but can also cause clogs due to the build up of muck and moss.

However, no matter how many flaws can be spotted – they all actually work. One must know the right type of gutter cover for them. Depending on the surroundings and the type of debris that’s expected to come – any type will do. It’s always best to seek professional advice, and also suggestions from neighbor who currently owns a gutter cover. The “too good to be true” guarantee of some brands like “you’ll never clean your gutters again” is a long shot. It’s impossible. A gutter cover can do the job, but the home owner shouldn’t be completely dependent on that. Regular checkups, clean-ups, and even learning to do self-repairs can prevent any serious problems and especially the advantage of saving money.

They do work after all.

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