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Four Reasons Why You Must Have a Gutter Guard

August 5th, 2012

Many home owners admit that they haven’t been mindful of maintaining the house on the outside. Paints, nails, patching holes and a little gardening do the trick to maintain a house. But times have changed the weather has now become unpredictable. It can be hot as hell one second, it can be raining crazy the next.

Most of us satisfy ourselves having plain gutters and let nature do most of its cleanings. But with this kind of weather phenomenon we all are experiencing today, are plain gutters still up for the challenge?

Almost every American home owns a certain type of gutter cover. We say almost, because not every home owner believes in its reliability. But that is, for us, another thing. The main reason why most home owners do not install gutter guards in their homes is because of fear. The fear of investing and the fear of risks. They say that gutter covers are expensive which puts their savings into waste.

Gutter guards are expensive, many say. They don’t work, say some. That places us in wonder. Could it be because we easily believe in hearsays or misconceptions about gutter covers? They help gutters and our houses as a whole. Let us explain to you why.

Gutter guards seals gutters against critters. Bird’s nest, beehive and hornet’s nest usually reside in gutters. This is very common for those who doesn’t have gutter covers installed. Pest control does the job of cleaning, definitely. But it is expensive! Animals like rodents, birds, insects and sometimes, even earthworms and snakes frequent gutters because they are great spots for them. The fact that a snake stays in your gutter is scary. This puts your life in danger.

It minimizes the need for gutter cleaning. Get over it, there’s no gutter guard that eliminates the need for cleaning. Don’t be disappointed though. Gutter guards greatly reduce the need for you to go up the ladder or to call a gutter cleaner. Owning a gutter protection reduces the gutter cleaning into just twice a year depending on the weather condition. Not bad.

It prolongs the lifespan of gutters and downspouts. When gutters are covered then there’s no big risk of clogging since debris are repelled. Because when gutters are clogged the water is stuck. It stagnates and causes rust to accumulate. No clog then a longer life span for the gutter and downspout.

Gutter guard repels debris. When your house is situated near nature, it looks serene and green. Serenity is put into question when autumn and heavy rains start to attack. Autumn stack up your gutter real good with leaves and twigs and defeats the purpose of being the roof drainage. Gutter guard repels the debris and prevents it from penetrating as much as possible. Lesser worries, right?

Saves money and time. If gutter guards aren’t present in your home, there are more instances of cleaning the gutters. You might also be paying a professional to have it cleaned at certain times of the year. Gutter guards save you time. Instead of cleaning your gutter many times a year, it might go down to just once or twice a year. Having gutter guards save you money. Why? Instead of regularly paying a professional to do the cleaning, it can change into not needing one anymore. You can do it yourself since the gutters are covered. You might still need professional help but only for more serious scenarios. Think about the money you’ll save with reduced visits from gutter cleaners.

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