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Gutter Covers And The No Clog “Guarantee”

June 9th, 2014

hallett-defaultNo gutter cover is fool proof but some of them are better than others.

As consumers, we are often attracted to special offers and that reel us in and make us believe the importance of having a specific product, in this case gutter guards. Most of us can recall an instance when we saw a new product that came with an offer that was just too good to pass up. We tend to be easily persuaded by promises and guarantees. We get caught up in the hype!

There are many different companies out there offering a wide variety of gutter covers that often come with guarantees. Typically the guarantees come down to this:

• “You will never have to clean your gutters again.”
• “If you install our gutter covers your gutters will be clog free for life.”

Though there is validity to the fact that gutter covers may reduce the frequency of maintenance and clogging, the bottom line is that there is no gutter cover out there that can support these claims of “never” and “forever”. No matter what type of gutter cover you choose, without proper maintenance, any gutter could still end up getting clogged. (  Here are a few different types of gutter cover to take into consideration when contemplating what to install on your home.

Gutter Foam – It keeps the debris out while letting the water pass through. This works well for days with relatively no or low wind and rain. However, if exposed to continuous heavy winds and rain, debris may get stuck which can result in more trips up the ladder to remove the clutter. The foam may seem to work but leaf decay could create a layer of muck. This is very difficult to remove and might result in you having to buy and install new gutter covers.

Gutter Screens – This type of gutter cover is a fine layer of steel mesh that prevents large pieces of debris from getting into the gutters. The holes in mesh screens vary in size so it’s best to choose what makes sense based on the foliage in your area. Gutter screens must be cleaned regularly or leaves can create a layer which blocks the mesh causing water to flow over your gutters and not through them as is intended. Another common problem with screens is that it does not do a sufficient job in preventing smaller particles, such as pine needles, out of your gutters.

Reverse Curve – This is one of the earliest designs of gutter guard and is still one of the more effective choices of gutter cover. In most cases this is a solid cover. It may be more expensive but it’s worth the investment. Reverse curve gutter covers minimize the need for cleaning your gutters but does NOT eliminate it! You shouldn’t have to go up and down the ladder as often, though regular maintenance is strongly advised. You may experience some debris that gets into your gutters but is typically washed away by the water that is allowed to flow freely to the downspout. Hallett Gutter Cover chooses to sell this style because we feel that it is the best choice.

As consumers we should be aware that no gutter cover is perfect. Choose the right type of gutter covers for your surroundings after thoroughly researching your options. It might be worth it in the long run to invest a little more money up front.
Beware of guarantees that have the words “never” and “forever” in them. You should “never say never” and there aren’t many things in life that are forever!

What gutter guard type do you prefer? Join the discussion at Hallett Gutter Cover’s Facebook page.

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