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Gutter Guard Questions Contractors Have

September 30th, 2011

If there are questions that hounds the mind of potential buyers – there’s also questions coming from the other side of the playing field. Contractors and potential installers also have a lot of questions about gutter guards. There has been a lot of roofing companies here and there, not to mention the other services that they also offer aside from basic roofing services. Roofing services paired with gutter guards is a very lucrative idea, wouldn’t it? Starting off with selling gutter guards and gradually installing them is also a brilliant idea – and an alternative way to earn.

Where do I exactly start from here?

If you’re in the roofing business or any other type of business, this should be simple. However, if it’s your first time to try a business – it’s not hard. Don’t rush on things though as this involves money. Don’t just buy supplies right away from the first company you see – research about their product. Is it reliable and proven to be effective? Is it around from some time now? Do they have a website with their contact details? Take these into consideration, to prevent being ripped off. Research, research and research.

Will this cost me a lot?

If you have a budget that’s higher than usual – there’s nothing to worry about. Some people hesitate to start on this business because of some costs, such as franchising fees and a set number of gutter guards that you must get. However, you can explore online to contact companies that you’re interested in – some offer competitive franchising fees to make things easier for you. If you searched deep enough you’d even find companies that don’t charge fees – just make sure that you’ve researched about them too.

Is it a good sideline for a business I already have?

Of course! The people who frequently take this opportunity are existing roofers or gutter cleaners. It’s a good sideline aside from a roofing service or gutter cleaning, you can offer the homeowners with gutter guards. The homeowners will most probably take it as it’ll save them more than buying it separately. You can even use gutter guards as a bundle for your services – which means additional earnings.

Is it worth the risk? Businesses have it.

Just like any other businesses, there’s risk involved. If you know how to look up and research about a certain business opportunity, it shouldn’t be a problem. No one will be ripped off unless they let themselves be ripped off, right? Know the company, do your research, know the product and know the target market. You will not run out of potential customers as they are always interested in keeping their house away from problems and added expenses. Business start ups are hard but it’ll pay off.



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