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Gutter Guards: A Source of Revenue

October 3rd, 2011
Given the economic situation nowadays, it’s no surprise if people have been always on the lookout for earning opportunities. There are a lot of ways to earn, but it’s not that easy to start it up. Some businesses can be promising and the potential to earn a lot is really huge but to actually start it – that’s where it becomes hard. This is the time when money and risk comes into play. First of all, you must have money – not just an ample amount of money, but a lump sum to spare. Then there’s the risk – you either get your startup money back or see it vanish into thin air.
But don’t lose hope and cringe in fear of losing your money on some potential investment. There are lots of earning opportunities that will not require you to cough out money you’ve been saving all your life. If you are a DIY enthusiast, someone who’s interested in home maintenance or someone who wants to venture on a new field of business – why don’t you try being a contractor for gutter guards?
Gutter guards have been very popular for a long time, and it’s an excellent add-on for the gutter system. The fact that there are gutter guard companies sprouting here and there is a clear hint that homeowners are interested in having one installed. Why do gutter guards can be a good source of revenue?
People will buy it. Amidst the comments of some people that gutter guards don’t work – people will buy it. The demand for it will never falter, especially with the majority of them that aren’t into cleaning gutters by themselves. That alone can be a selling strategy – the money saved from regularly paying someone will make them think about buying the product.
It saves money. There is money saved in buying gutter guards against regular cleanups. Homeowners mostly prefer paying someone to do the cleaning for them, so once the cleaning is more frequent than usual it ends up to more money being spent. There are even instances where gutters cleaned enough or the gutters weren’t checked for leaks or damages. They just “clean” it.
Let’s say you have enough money to be a gutter guard contractor and you already have a supply of the product. How can you start it up? Business startups aren’t easy, but with the right steps taken and right people to get in touch with – it will grow up gradually.
Word-of-mouth. Gossip spreads out like wildfire, and it’s the same with businesses. Let people know that you’re starting up a gutter guard business. Putting up ads in newspapers and certain establishments will get their attention – for a bit.
The Web. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites aren’t only for meeting new people. As of today, businesses have been using these social networking sites to introduce themselves. The fact that most of us today spend at least 10-20 minutes online is a good sign that being online can attract people and check out your newly-opened business. It saves a lot compared to print and tv ads, right?
Easier with gutters. Usually, companies starting with the gutter guard business already have an existing means of revenue. Roofing companies and gutter suppliers commonly have their own gutter guard product or supply a specific brand. If you offer roofing and gutter services, adding gutter guards to your product lineup won’t hurt.

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