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Gutter Myths

July 25th, 2011

Home maintenance is never, and will never be easy. Maintaining cleanliness inside the house is never a few hours’ worth of work. Take the bathroom as an example. That alone houses a lot of bacteria, and it gets worse when the plumbing joins in the fun. Having a clogged toilet bowl is a nightmare, a definite example of hell in the house. The kitchen also houses a lot of germs, and that has to be clean too. The list just goes on and on – this article alone isn’t enough to tell it all.

However, if maintaining a house should be inside out – then it’s double the burden! It’s like a human body you see, let’s say a virus – a virus usually comes from the outside, and then seeps in to our bodies. Then it turns to a cold, allergies, etc… It’s the same with the house. A good example is the gutter system.

There are a lot of discussions, arguments and myths about the gutter system. Certain myths may come out as true and some can be a result of speculations that doesn’t have a solid basis or simply a case of not knowing enough. Here are some of those:

Cleaning gutters is always hard – best done by a professional.

Yes, that can be true. This applies to people that are busy, and simply don’t have the time to do so. On the other hand, it can simply be a case of “slight” laziness and dodging the task of taking all that messy debris off. However, this isn’t true all the time. Right tools, allotting the proper time, and the willingness to “get up and dirty” at the ladder and onto the roof – it’ll not be hard at all. Forums and discussion boards are all around online and people (especially the DIY enthusiasts) are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Gutter covers will make you NOT CLEAN your gutters anymore.

One will hear this almost in every brand of gutter covers. Who wouldn’t raise an eyebrow to something that could make them forget about cleaning their gutters? It’s a very, very promising guarantee. Let’s be brave enough to face the fact that this isn’t true at all – a big NO. Well, for the first few months, that can be heavenly as you can see the debris being blown off by the wind. But give it a few years, and you’ll see a layer of gross muck along the gutters, let alone the buildup of molds and spores. Yuck! The presence of moisture, coupled with rotting leaves and seeds will speed up the buildup of bacteria and a perfect breeding place of insects – even worms. Therefore, you still need to get them tools and still make a regular cleanup.

Other types of covers are cheaper – which will also mean less hassle in cleaning.

Let’s face it – lots and lots of gutter cover varieties have been coming out, and never fails to attract the common consumer. Especially if the price is way, way lower and the ease of installation is right in front of you. Yes, they may be cheaper but think of it in the long run. Other types may just require you to just “shake, shake it off” to get the debris out, but may require you frequent buying of the product repeatedly. Certain types don’t get it really done – they make it harder and attract more debris buildup. It depends on the surroundings that a house has though, as some gutter cover types may be appropriate, like the steel mesh and the gutter foam and brush. Pick your poison.

Gutter covers aren’t needed at all – ever.

Well, this is tricky. It can be a YES, if the home owner has enough time and the best tools in cleaning. It also depends (again) on the surroundings if the amount and kind of debris is minimal, thus making it easy to manage. However, on some houses that has a lot of trees – it can be a big NO, IT AIN’T TRUE. Imagine the burden of always going up and down, scooping, scrubbing and hosing down debris. Not just simple debris, but big-time clutter. That will make anyone lazy to clean it up, and just get a paid service to do so. However, if to be placed in deep thought – why not invest in gutter covers, have an easier way of cleaning it so you won’t require paying someone to do the task for you? Wouldn’t that be a wise decision? Think about the money you’ll save – it may be enough to buy you a porch, or that lawn mower you’ve been itching to buy!

We all know for a fact that almost all gutter cover brands give the promise of not having to clean the gutters again. However, the secret of maintaining a perfect gutter system is regular cleaning, the right type of gutters and a gutter cover that’s appropriate for the house surroundings. Don’t forget the tools too!

Hallett Gutter Covers have been providing the Ultimate in Leaf Control since 1995, and definitely a big help to your gutter problems. See for yourself if it suits your house well. Break out from the myths!

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