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Hallett Gutter Cover Announces Expansion

July 24th, 2014

Hallett Gutter Cover announced today it is finalizing plans to expand the product lines it will offer. Company president Fritz Reissner stated: “through negotiations with various manufacturers Hallett Gutter Cover will now be able to offer a greatly expanded array of gutter protection and gutter accessory options”.

Hallett will continue to feature The Hallett Gutter Cover as its flagship product and they will now provide access to a wide array of gutter products. The new products will include various types of Hangers, Twist Straps, Outlets, End Caps, Pipe Bands, Pipe Clips, Gutter Wedges, Strip and Bay Mitres, Painted Screws and Hi Hex Head fasteners. In addition, for those situations where a contractor has a customer who doesn’t wish to pay for, or can’t afford a top of the line gutter protection system, Hallett will offer a broader range of gutter guards. By adding five new types of gutter covers to complement their already proven solid aluminum gutter protection system Hallett will now give contractors the ability to satisfy all needs. A new subdivision, Hallett Gutter Supply, has been established to handle the new product lines.

When asked about the new lines Mr. Reissner stated : “we are very excited about this opportunity to expand our ability to be of service to our customers. The arrangements we have in place will allow us to provide a one stop shopping experience by offering a broader range of products at an extremely affordable price”. He went on to say: “It improves our ability to expand customer relationships while continuing the Hallett focus on customer service. Same day shipping will apply for all our new products when ordered by 3:00pm”.
Like the Hallett Gutter Cover system, all of the new products are manufactured in the USA, a factor that was critical in putting together this new product offering. “It has always been of the utmost importance to us that we support the American worker. Therefore, throughout the entire process of putting together this endeavor, we stressed that all of the products we offer be made in the USA”, Mr. Reissner said. The new product lines are scheduled to be available by the beginning of August.

For information regarding any or all of the product offerings call 800-327-5059.


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