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Investing Smart in Gutter Guards

April 11th, 2012

Gutters that aren’t covered are vulnerable to the forces of nature — rain and winds — and they happen throughout the year. For example, when a gutter gets clogged by too much debris it suspends the water above. This becomes a breeding ground for insects and can cause rusting. With moisture always present due to clogging, expect to see molds and mildew to grow.

Gutter clogging is one of the hardest issues to deal with for the typical home owner if it’s not fixed right away. If it’s not dealt with right away, the outcome is obvious — house damage that leads to repairs and wasted money. Purchasing a gutter guard is an excellent add-on to your roof drainage. It saves your gutter from expensive repair and keeps it covered against debris as much as possible.  Just like appliances and furniture you use inside your home, a gutter guard is also a smart investment. Or is it?

It is a smart investment. The gutter guard works like your gutter’s shield. It blocks out leaves, animal waste (from birds), twigs, dirt and even your child’s toys from entering the gutters. Since it shields your gutters from debris, it significantly reduces clog build-up. This enables the gutters to work properly and reduces the risk for clogging and damage.

Aside from preventing clogged gutters, gutter guards also help in reducing chances of damages to your house. Problems such as basement flooding, wall stains, wood and foundation rot are greatly reduced as well. Using downspouts that redirect the water away from the house can also reduce the likeliness of these all too common issues. Gutter guards are also installed to lessen the worries about maintenance. You may come across a guarantee that gutter guards eliminate the need to clean out your gutters ever again. However, this isn’t true. There’s no perfect gutter guard. Don’t be discouraged though. Always keep in mind that no matter how expensive or how popular the gutter guard brand is, it’s still the owner’s responsibility to do regular checks and clean-ups. Hallett Gutter Cover recommends that you do a regular maintenance check and clean out your gutters at least twice a year.

If you want to be practical and save in the long run, then gutter guards may be a good choice for you. Think about it this way: long term solution or just a quick fix?

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