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How to Maintain Your Home This Fall with Gutter Covers

November 6th, 2014

Are you constantly worried about having to clean out your gutters every season, most especially during fall? Like any other homeowner, you might find cleaning your home gutters time consuming and even potentially dangerous. Regardless of the climate though, your home gutters can still end up getting clogged with pine needles, leaves, and other hosts of debris that can cause major problems in your roofing when not dealt with accordingly.

There are a number of gutter cover and gutter guard systems today on the market. However, you need to consider the effectiveness, the cost, appearance, and materials before spending your money to have them installed at home.

Types of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards fall into two categories: the screens and the covers. The gutter screens are designed to act as filtrating systems, allowing more water to seep through your gutter while keeping the unwanted large debris away. Gutter screens are normally made from foam, aluminum, metal mesh, or nylon.

Because screens are thinner than covers, they are considerably less durable but are cheaper and easier to install. These screens are normally placed atop the gutters, thus finding the right screen with the right appearance is an important consideration.

Gutter covers, on the other hand, keep all debris away from your gutters. However, they do not allow much water to flow especially on heavy rainstorms since its surface area over your gutter is larger than the screen system.

Gutter Guard Materials

Gutter guard systems have a wide array of choices. Primarily, its materials are either made of copper, plastic, nylon, foam, aluminum, or metal mesh. Understand that each material has its distinct pros and cons. For example, copper-made gutter guards do not rush but is very hard to install and not to mention, very expensive to have. Aluminum-made covers are more practical since they are lightweight and not as pricey as those made from copper. On the other hand, although plastic is considerably durable and are not prone to rusts, they are expected to crack especially in colder regions.

Safety and Maintenance of Gutter Covers and Guards

Cleaning your gutters at home can be dangerous. The risk of getting hurt, slicing your hands open, or worse, falling off ladders, is possible. These are reasons why getting gutter covers and guards at home are very much needed. The moment your roofing is installed with the standard gutter guards, you only need to have an annual maintenance check. This means, say goodbye to your ladder every season!

When choosing the gutter guard system for your home, choose the one that suits best for your home. Experts however say that the best overall gutter system is the micro mesh, placed over an extruded roofing frame, with its reverse curve water gutter cover close by. Nevertheless, it is best to approach the experts in your area for you to know more about the many gutter guard options you can choose from. Installers can help you decide which ones are suitable for your home and your budget as well.


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