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Meet Molly, The “Face” of Hallett Gutter Cover

May 19th, 2014

It seems like yesterday that our Operations Manager, Jerry McKinley, brought his new friend into the office for the day. Here we are two years later and she has been here just about every day. Hallett Gutter Cover would like to introduce to you Molly a friendly and energetic Boxer who has become our official mascot. Molly is a rescue that has come a long way since the first time she walked through these doors. At times she can still be a bit timid and is cautious of most people but Molly has come out of her shell a great deal the more comfortable she has gotten in her surroundings here at Hallett Gutter Cover.

Like all of us here at Hallett Gutter Cover Molly has “many hats” that she wears. Whether she is overseeing Ray on the production line, making sure Pam figures every number correctly in accounting or listening to Fritz when he’s on the phone with a long-time customer; Molly makes her presence known throughout our facility. She is our unofficial guard dog though she wouldn’t hurt a fly. She is our grounds keeper, chasing the pesky geese away. She is our client liaison, always breaking the ice by creating a source of conversation for our customers who come into the office. Everyone likes Molly! She even lets us know when UPS shows up so we can be sure to get your orders on the truck on time.

Molly has developed some good relationships here at Hallett. People from neighboring businesses tend to stop by on occasion just to pet and shower her with attention. Our delivery drivers have also come to consider Molly a friend, so much so that they bring her treats every day. On Fridays she even gets a fried egg sandwich from one of them…every Friday!

Molly could also be seen as a representation of the nature of our business. We are a family owned and operated business. Where else are you going to be able to incorporate a family pet into the workplace?

Molly has captured the hearts of many of our customers. We hope she captures yours!


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