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Quick Tips for the Garden Hose

January 27th, 2012

Certain chores and tasks are easier to do these days. People have been always on the lookout for new ways to finish things quicker and simpler. Having modern tools make you exert minimal effort and give you extra time to do other things. No matter how varied the choices are nowadays, some of us prefer the conventional way and doing things manually. A good example is with gutter cleaning. DIY enthusiasts enjoy the advantage of saving money from not hiring someone to do the dirty work. A DIY person initially makes an investment of tools but it will definitely give long term benefits – as long as the right tools are chosen, not to mention proper usage.

One of the basic tools used is your trusty garden hose or water hose. It’s hard to deny the fact that you enjoy using the pressure nozzle to make cleaning easier. If used properly, the garden hose or water hose can make your gutter cleaning easier and worry free.

Purchase – If you’re planning to go up the roof, get a hose that’s long enough for you to move freely. There’s a standard length of hoses for the average house. You can ask for that specifically at the hardware store. If you want to stay on the safe side, you can attach a gutter cleaning wand at the end of the hose so you can do the task from the ground.

Nozzle selection – There are three types: quick disconnect, black tip and MEG. MEG tips are screwed to a wand or hose and are best for nozzles used for cleaning a single type of surface. The black tips are mainly for special applications (such as a chemical mixture). They exert the least pressure. For first time users, the quick disconnect type is the best choice. It composes of a male plug that connects to a female coupler and secured by an “O” ring. It is important that it’s secure to prevent it to be a projectile which can be bad for your gutter (dents!) and to another person nearby. They are sold in sets, giving you a variety of sizes (0, 15, 25, and 40 degree usually) and spray patterns. Aside from using it on your gutters, you can also use it on other surfaces such as walls and sidewalks. Always choose the one that will be the most useful for gutter cleaning. It’s either the quick disconnect or the MEG tips.

Proper use – You don’t just go crazy with the spraying. Pressurized water when directly applied to gutters is disastrous. It may dent the gutters or make the attachments break. The hose doesn’t need to be pressurized all the time. If there’s not much debris on the gutter you can even just let the water flow down the downspout. You can take the time to check if there are any clogs in the downspout. You can also check for potential clogs along the gutter and along the seams.

Maintenance – Make sure you have followed all installation instructions if there’s a pressure nozzle installed. Check it a few days after initial use as it may be still loose and needs to be re-tightened. When using the hose, don’t make it twisted as it gives unneeded pressure. This gives way to hose leaks and water is wasted.


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