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Quick Tips For Paid Gutter Cleaning

May 28th, 2014

DCF 1.0Gutter cleaning is something many homeowners avoid doing. The fear of having an accident is one valid reason since falling off of a ladder while cleaning gutters is one of the most prominent causes of injury in home maintenance. Besides, who wants to spend precious free time cleaning out gutters when you could be watching the game or, better yet, working on things your neighbors can actually see like you lawn. This is when paying a professional can be a very good decision to make. It’s the better choice if you want to stay on the safe side and leave this tedious task up to professionals. Here are some tips for choosing the best person or company to clean out your gutters.
Do Your Research
Ask around. Don’t hesitate to ask neighbors or friends if they know of a reputable source that they have used themselves. This is one good way to get an idea of the cost and method of cleaning that particular professional will do. Ask simple questions such as:
• Were they reliable?
• Are they nearby?
• Were you happy with the results?
Get A Detailed Cost Estimate
When you have narrowed down your choices and are in touch with various companies ask for a quote. The usual cost for an average-size house ranges from $75 to $200. You may request that they do a home visit to give you an actual estimate.
Check to make sure they include cleaning out the downspouts as this is a critical part of gutter cleaning. There are some contractors who will just clean the gutters but won’t touch the downspouts. This is NOT ok! Ask if they offer continuous maintenance as it may save you more money in the long run. This is something that contractors often offer to do at no charge.
Finally, ask if their services are insured as well. This is important to do to ensure that their work is warrantied should a problem arise with your gutters in the future.
Ask Your Professional About a Maintenance Plan
Gutters have a tendency to fill up again and again. Ask your chosen gutter cleaner for recommendations on what you can do for gutter maintenance. In many cases they will advise you to have gutter guards installed. Gutters are easier to clean when they are protected by gutter guards and the need for cleaning them decreases to just twice a year.
The best way to stay safe on the ground and still have your gutters cleaned out is to hire someone to clean them for you. Do you have suggestions in finding good gutter cleaning contractors? Know anyone near your area? Give us your feedback on the Hallett Gutter Cover Facebook page.

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