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Repairing Gutter Dents

December 14th, 2011

Maintaining gutters is easy. Just keep them clean, well-painted and leak free. This mostly involves going up and down ladders. We must be really careful in using ladders in terms of gutter cleaning. Most of the time when we use regular ladders we rest them against the gutters. This is where problems can start – gutter dents. Not only will this damage the gutters, it will also make the roof look ugly and can cause other issues such as leaks and sagging of gutters. Other possible causes of gutter problems are heavy debris such as branches and even rocks.

Method 1: Easy
Getting there: An A-Frame ladder is usually the best choice to prevent any gutter dents. It also has a small platform in which you can put your tools. Use this to get access to your gutters and have a good view of the dent. In other cases, just make sure your ladder is securely placed against the wall.

Cleaning: Aside from fixing gutter dents, you can also take the time to make cleanups if needed. This will help you see the dent clearer and determine if a quick fix is still applicable.


Mallet time: A rubber mallet is the perfect tool for repairing small dents. Once the dented part is clean, gently hammer it until it comes back to place. Don’t just hammer away, it might end up worse.  Most probably the gutter you have is aluminum and it easily changes in shape. Other than that, using a rubber mallet can fix the dent in no time.

Method 2: Experienced
Use a drill to make a 1/8 inch hole into the affected area. Put a washer on the other side then insert a screw. Pull it gently using pliers, carefully repeating the process until the dent is gone. You can apply aluminum fillers or use a hand rivet to seal off the hole. Don’t forget to caulk it as well.
There are times when the dent is beyond repair and replacement is the best solution. You can either saw off the affected section and replace it, or replace the whole gutter section. It’s your call.

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