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Spotting the Gutter Issues

April 9th, 2012

We always forget or choose to set aside the task of checking our gutters. We may always get away with this but there’s a big risk involved. This may lead to costly repairs and inconvenience. There’s several problems to expect when you always neglect the gutter system. Not having a regular schedule of cleaning starts it off, especially if you don’t have gutter guards installed. When did you last clean your gutters? If you can’t even remember when it was then expect to see clogging or flooded gutters.

You may have the best brand of gutters right now but if it isn’t maintained properly then it’s no use. Make sure to allot certain times of the year for you to have the gutters cleaned up, whether by yourself or by a professional. Apart from regular maintenance, know how to spot for any signs of potential issues. It won’t hurt to have a short inspection of your gutter from the ground from time to time. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to be observant of anything wrong in the roof drainage system, whether it has gutter guards or not.

During winter, make sure to check the snow on the roof. If the snow’s piling up too much, get a rake and get it off. Don’t wait for it to be a potential cause of ice dams. Any gutter brand wouldn’t be able to withstand the weight of ice — don’t depend on it too much. Leave it like that and expect to see sagging or much worse — falling gutters. Water could seep through and gradually flows down to your walls. This leads to wall stains, rotting of wood components and paint damage.

Water is always the strongest enemy of your gutters, but it doesn’t mean that your roof is safe in autumn! Gutters, especially the ones that aren’t covered, is going to be a haven for lots and lots of seeds, twigs and dirt. It makes your gutters a dirty pile in a matter of days — even hours. If ever there’s sudden rainfall, expect that the gutters won’t be able to properly drain the water. If this happens, water overflows and makes puddles at your house’s foundation. It gradually weakens and gives way to wall cracks.

Gutter leaks are very easy to detect. For example, any discoloration or peeled off paint on your house walls is an indicator that water regularly flows through. This is the same with water stains on the sides and even the ones near the downspouts are not safe. If you see any molds or even small mushrooms (this is common in very old houses) at your ceiling and walls, it’s a sign that moisture is always present.

Always remember, no matter how lazy you feel towards dealing with one of the dirtiest tasks in house, it isn’t something to be ignored. If you want to save a lot and prevent conditions to worsen, it’s best to see theses issues as early as possible.

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