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The Downspout's Maintenance Needs

July 4th, 2011

It’s really a good thing if you have gutters working perfectly – always looking new, regularly cleaned and always checked for any leaks. However, it’ll be no good if your downspouts aren’t given the same attention. Gutter systems could fail even though they come from the best brands in the market if the downspouts aren’t functioning properly as expected.

Here are simple but effective tips in keeping them at their optimal level (and prevent further problems too):

Cleaning. If you don’t want your downspouts bursting with debris and water (and this is dirty water mixed with dirt), clean it up using a plumber’s snake. This will also help you know if there are any clogs or any potential clogs that will be cleaned up already. Flushing it down using a pressure washer or a hose can help.

Splash Blocks. Splash blocks “catch” the water dropped by the downspouts and redirect them properly away from the house. Though not an actual part of the downspout, it’ll always be a good add-on to it so make sure you check it too for any cracks or damages.

Extra Downspouts. If you think the water is not drained away enough from the house, you can add more downspouts or add extenders so it drives the water further away. If extending a downspout, use pliers to bend the end of the current downspout section so that the additional part fits snugly to it. Use the same type of downspout of course!

Leaks or Damage. Always check your downspouts for potential leaks. A leaking gutter will make water seep through your walls, ruin your paint, make molds grow and will cost you a lot. Repair leaks by caulking it or replacing the part of the downspout that is currently leaking.

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