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The No Clog Guarantee

November 18th, 2011

How many gutter guard companies can you enumerate? There are a lot of companies out there offering many different types of gutter guards. As consumers, we are sometimes easily convinced to believe a variety of different things. We get attracted by the hype and the special offers they promote. Can you remember the time when a new product you’ve seen online gave you an unbelievable offer that made you want to buy it so bad? We are easily “blown away” by promises and guarantees.

There are many different guarantees offered by a lot of gutter guard companies. Usually, regardless of the wording the guarantee always boils down to this: never clean your gutters again. They always promise a clog-free gutter system once you install their gutter guard or cover. These claims can actually be true much of the time. Gutters can stay clog-free for as long as 10 years! On the other hand, there’s a cold truth beneath all claims. Gutters will only stay clog-free depending on the type of gutter cover you have selected; and no matter what type of gutter guard you choose, without proper maintenance, any gutter could end up getting “clogged.”

Gutter Foam/Brush – an economical choice. It keeps the debris out while letting the water pass through. This works well for days with relatively no or low wind and rain. But after several days of winds and rain the debris it receives can get stuck. This results to more trips up the ladder to remove the clutter. Doing this defeats the purpose of having gutter guards installed in the first place. The foam type works well somehow but leaf decay creates a layer of muck. This is very difficult to remove and can result in you having to buy and install new guards. They have a better chance of keeping the leaves out than brushes do, although they are slightly more expensive than gutter brushes.

Gutter Screens – This type of gutter guard has a fine layer of steel mesh, which prevents debris from going through to the gutters. The mesh screens’ holes vary in sizes, so it’s best to choose what’s best depending on the foliage of your area. They’re easier to clean. Often you just use a garden hose to wash the leaves off. However, when not cleaned regularly the leaves create a layer which blocks the mesh causing water to overflow.

Reverse Curve – This is one of the earliest designs of gutter guard and yet is still one of the more effective. Using the concept of surface adhesion, this variety has slits for the water to pass through. It may be more expensive but it’s worth the investment. Reverse curve gutter covers often will minimize the need for cleaning your gutters. You don’t have to go up and down the ladder more than usual. There may be some leaves or seeds getting into your gutters, but normally they get washed away by the water. The hard part comes when clogging occurs. Several brands of these type of guards are hard to remove making cleaning much more difficult.

The clog-free guarantee is only partially true. As smart consumers, we should be aware that no gutter cover is perfect. Our gutters may be clog-free for a time; but unless maintained properly gutter guards can sometimes end up having their own issues. Choose the right type of gutter guard for your surroundings and for your preferences in maintenance. Investigate thoroughly. Don’t hesitate investing a little more money up front and these products can be beneficial to you for the long run.

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