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When You Neglect Your Gutter System

July 1st, 2011

The gutter system is your “roof drainage,” as it collects water, debris and other things nature would put down to your home. A house without gutters have more potential problems than another that has one. However, the gutter system is one of the neglected house components, as people get more focused on “simpler maintenance tasks” – gutters aren’t one of those.

People may prefer having a paid service to manage their gutters, but there comes a time that they’d just neglect it and would think that it’ll sort out things by itself. That simple decision of keeping a regular check on the gutter system could mean big in the long run. When gutters aren’t regularly cleaned or checked for damages, several problems could arise.

Water Damage. The main thing that gutters collect is water. If you think that if your gutters are enough, think again. The other parts, such as the downspout for example, also need to be taken in consideration. A downspout that has a leak or not directed properly cause seepage to your roof and walls. Water seepage can cause leaks on your ceiling and damage your paint. When there is moisture, molds and spores appear. Leaks lead to rust, and rust leads to corrosion. There might even be a possibility that even mushroom and fungus may grow on your gutters! A misdirected downspout could soak up the soil and weakens your house foundation, plus a “basement pool” forming up.

Rust. Rust isn’t a minor problem, as it quickly worsens if not taken care of right away. Rust weakens your gutters, and is a hindrance to the flow of water. It makes the gutter thin, and lead to instant leaks due to the easier build up of holes.

Clogging. Though some owners say that they don’t need gutter covers, gradually they’ll have one. It depends on their surroundings though. Gutter covers are also important. Though some would see it as a waste of money, the prevention of clogging is guaranteed. It depends on the type, and it should be appropriate on the expected debris. Clogging leads to flooding on the gutters and can also seep through the soffits, which lead to further damage.

These are just a few of possible issues that one may encounter if the gutter system isn’t maintained properly. If you want to save money and time, don’t hesitate to check it regularly and even practice to do maintenance yourself.

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