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Why You Need Soffits

October 18th, 2011

Homeowners are always after function and dependability when it comes to their homes. The roofing & roof drainage system is a perfect example of this. That’s why they are always looking for the best products in terms of keeping their homes away from rot and further problems in the long run. However, people are more practical these days and always looking for better value, as well as reliability. However, is it a bad thing to be slow in making home maintenance purchases?

Surprisingly, one of the common questions homeowners have is about the soffit. Do you need soffits for your house? Is it a good add-on for your roofing system? Is it worth the investment?
Improper ventilation of a house is a common problem. It is misunderstood by homeowners and the benefits are taken for granted. This is where soffits come into play. With the proper installation and a good set-up of soffit vents, the house is a lot tougher against rotting, moisture and insect infestation.

Room for breathing – If an enclosure isn’t well ventilated, it’ll be hard for someone to breathe or it’ll be an uncomfortable place to stay. Same goes with the house. If it isn’t properly ventilated, it’s either it’s too hot in the summer or it’ll attract moisture in the attic on rainy days. This is also a leading cause of ice dams actually. Having a good soffit ventilation system will save a lot of energy for air-conditioning, as it circulates the air from the inside and lets the air from the insides out. Simply put, it “equalizes” internal and external temperature.

Keeps the sidings and house foundation dry – Depending on the amount of rainfall your vicinity has, the wider the soffit, the better. The soffits prevent water from splashing into the insides of the house and the walls. Moisture attracts mildew and rot, plus the possibility of paint getting peeled off the walls.

Aesthetics – Of course, anyone will want to see his/her house looking good. Soffits are a good touch for roof sidings, fascia and the gutters. Soffits can be used to attach lighting and vents. It hides the bare structure of the attic and can also be used to hide wires and cables. It gives the house an overall cleaner look.

Though it looks like an ordinary accessory for the roofing system, the soffit is an important add-on. The soffit won’t hurt your budget and you can choose wood or vinyls. Take your pick today and make your house’s overall look better!

What’s your say on soffits? Do you need them or not? Join the discussion at Hallett Gutter Cover’s Facebook page and at their website.

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