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Wayner Trough Covers
Hallett News & Tips
August 27th, 2019

If your home has gutters, then you know how they can get dirty and clogged with leaves, mud, and other debris.  Many homeowners choose to have gutter guards installed to keep the gutters clear.  While they typically do a good job, both the gutters and the gutter guards will need to be cleaned once or twice a year.  Cleaning gutters and gutter guards isn’t an easy task, especially on a two-story home.  If you’re older,…

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Canada Here We Come
May 14th, 2015

Hallett Gutter Supply is pleased to introduce Wayner Trough Covers, Canada as our new Canadian distributor. Larry Patton, owner of Wayner Trough Covers, brings over 30 years of experience in the guttering and remodeling industry. Larry’s years of experience and his expertise offer a solid foundation that will help customers in selecting the proper Hallett products to fulfill their needs. Larry will also be developing a network of agents to help in making Hallett products…

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Spring Is Here!
April 23rd, 2015

Spring is finally here! The Hallett team is  ready to get back in the full swing of things after the winter months, are you?!? Mother Nature sure hasn’t been very cooperative. Constant rain and cold has everyone behind on satisfying pent up demand. That just means that now is the time to be thinking about all of the supplies you will need when the weather becomes consistent and jobs are plentiful again. We have what…

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When Will It End?
February 24th, 2015

  This is the question on so many people’s minds these days. “When is this gonna end…is it ever going to end?” You might be wondering what it is that everyone is so anxious to be done with… It’s WINTER! It has been a long and cold one and we’re over it. We want spring…we want SPRING! The warm n cozy idea of bundling up in a blanket by a fire with a nice cup…

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Spring Is Almost Here!
February 9th, 2015

Spring is almost here and we’re ready are you? There are only about 40 days until Spring starts which is when people are able to start getting outside and working on waking their home and yard out of a long winter slumber. It feels good to be able to open the windows and air out all the winter germs and even get some Spring Cleaning done. It also happens to be the beginning of the…

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