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Mold Invasion In Your Gutters?
May 8th, 2014

Routine maintenance on your gutters is essential to make sure that they perform properly. Aside from removing the usual things you may find in your gutters such as leaves, sticks, the inevitable tennis ball, you may also find that there are molds and spores. This can be a safety concern and should be taken seriously. Molds grow almost anywhere as long as it’s somewhere warm, damp and humid. The molds multiply through spores and are…

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Three Reasons You Should Use Gutter Covers
April 29th, 2014

During the Spring season, many things can be done to your home to wake it up from a long winter. Cleaning your gutters is one of the most common things on the “to do” list. This is often a tedious and daunting task. Wouldn’t it be nice to implement something to make this a little bit less daunting? There are a bunch of reasons why it is a good idea to install gutter covers. Here…

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Hallett featured on HomeTalk USA radio network
March 3rd, 2014

Recently, Fritz Reissner of Hallett Gutter Cover was featured on host Michael King’s HomeTalk USA radio program. The Cajun Contractor discusses with Fritz a variety of topics including why Hallett’s gutter cover product rates so well. There’s even an interlude into the birds and the bees – or rather how neither can set up residence in gutters with Hallett installed! Full audio of the radio broadcast can be found by clicking the audio player below….

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How to Maintain Your Home This Fall with Gutter Covers
August 29th, 2013

Are you constantly worried about having to clean out your home gutters every season, most especially during fall? Like any other homeowner, you might find cleaning your home gutters time consuming and even potentially dangerous. Regardless of the climate though, your home gutters can still end up getting clogged with pine needles, leaves, and other hosts of debris that can cause major problems in your roofing when not dealt with accordingly. There are a number…

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Gutter Guards: Better Be Safe Than Sorry
August 7th, 2012

You might say that gutter covers are not necessary. It’s a waste of money when you can just clean the gutters yourself. Or if you’re not able, then you can always hire a company who can do the job for you. But before you finally decide against gutter covers, you may want to consider these possible scenarios if you don’t have them. 1. Gutters need regular cleaning from debris more than twice a year; more…

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