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Posted in: Gutters
Getting the Perfect Gutter Guard
January 23rd, 2012

If there’s anything people would want to have in this world, one of them is perfection. Why? Everyone loves everything to be perfect – no rough edges, seamless and flawless. If you’re reading this article now and expecting to know where to get the perfect gutter guard – you’ve made a mistake. It’s a given fact that nothing is perfect in this world. Don’t lose hope though. You can have a perfect gutter guard. Gutters…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cover, gutter guards, Gutter System, Gutters

Repairing Gutter Dents
December 14th, 2011

Maintaining gutters is easy. Just keep them clean, well-painted and leak free. This mostly involves going up and down ladders. We must be really careful in using ladders in terms of gutter cleaning. Most of the time when we use regular ladders we rest them against the gutters. This is where problems can start – gutter dents. Not only will this damage the gutters, it will also make the roof look ugly and can cause…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter System, Gutters, Repair

The Gutter Shovel
December 12th, 2011

For cleaning gutters though there are a lot of tools that are out in the market wesometimes prefer doing it the usual way. Go up the ladder, put on some gloves and let our hands do the talking. Gutter cleaning is very easy. You just need work gloves, aladder and a bucket or trash bag. If you’re one of the people who prefer this style of cleaning you might need another tool – the hand…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter System, Gutters

The Gutter Blower
December 9th, 2011

There are a lot of methods used today in keeping gutters clean and clog-free. Most homeowners list “gutter cleaning” as one of the most hated tasks in home maintenance.  Either they feel lazy or they don’t want to risk falling.  Or they don’t want to risk finding random debris. This includes a number of things such as your child’s ball, someone’s slipper, insects such as bees and earthworms or birds or critters nesting in the…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cleaning, gutter guards, Gutter System, Gutters

Rust Removal
December 7th, 2011

The condition of the gutter system is very easy to maintain. It depends on the home owner though. It’s easier said than done. Gutter problems are mainly caused by neglect and can lead to a variety of problems. One of the most common issues with gutters is the accumulation of rust. Rust is actually iron oxide – which is simply a result of iron or metal being exposed to oxygen. The main “ingredient” for rust…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Cover, gutter guards, Gutter System, Gutters