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Posted in: Quick Tip
Quick Tip 13: Frozen Downspout
August 18th, 2011

Frozen downspouts? A hair dryer is actually a quick fix for it, so don’t hesitate to borrow one from your wife, daughter or sister. Then you can carefully thaw the ice with the screwdriver. You can sprinkle ice melt too.

Posted in: Gutter System, Quick Tip

Quick Tip 12: The Drip Edge
August 11th, 2011

Drip Edges help a lot in terms of preventing water to seep in easily to your shingles and inside your house. Don’t hesitate to have them installed aside from your gutter system.

Posted in: Quick Tip

Quick Tip 11: The Basement Leak
August 5th, 2011

If there are any leaks in your basement wall, look for any cracks outside. While preparing for a permanent fix, apply silicon caulk on the cracks to prevent further seepage.

Posted in: Quick Tip

Quick Tip 10: Going Up the Ladder
August 2nd, 2011

Not confident to go up the ladder yet to do the gutter cleaning? Have a companion to support the ladder with you to make sure it’s firmly placed on the ground. It also saves time as you don’t need to always go up and down.    

Posted in: Gutter Cleaning, Quick Tip, Safety

Quick Tip 9: Downspout Checking
July 28th, 2011

When paying someone to clean your gutters, make it clear with them if they’ll clean the downspouts as well. Some services don’t include cleaning the downspouts — a clean gutter isn’t enough obviously. Better yet, when cleaning the gutters yourself, run some water in it all the way to the downspouts to check for potential clogs. Just in case there are, you can disassemble the downspout or use a plumbing snake to push the debris…

Posted in: Gutter Cleaning, Gutter System, Quick Tip