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Time for Gutter Cleaning

July 29th, 2011

Time. There is always a proper time for doing things. Eating, going to work, time for the family and the like. We live in a fast-paced world, where stopping for a breather is almost impossible. It’s so fast that we tend to neglect other things that we sometimes disregard as “not important,” or your mind goes like, “I’ll just do it tomorrow or next time.” Those habits take a while to die, and they are very hard to kill. This is also one of the causes of gutter problems – neglect. The gutter system is one of the most neglected parts of the house, due to the difficult and “gross” manner of maintaining it.

Time. When’s the right time for cleaning the gutters anyway? Simple. It’s recommended to have it cleaned twice a year, or late autumn and late spring. Late autumn – for preparation for the coming winter; and late spring – for any debris accumulated during the winter and preparation for summer. However, it does not only fall in those times. It doesn’t mean that we should only depend on the seasons that we have. Weather’s really unpredictable these days (thanks to global warming – our fault actually), so sometimes it’s burning hot or there will be sudden rain on some places.

On the other hand, just because we said that we shouldn’t just depend on “seasonal schedules” it means that we should always get the cleaning tools and get it done. Not really. In homes where trees are all around, sudden rains can make the gutters fill up like it’s autumn already with moisture added. When sudden rains occur, it’s best to bring out the ladder and check the gutters for potential clogs right after. Don’t dare to do it while it’s raining – you don’t want to slip and fall down.

There are also rare occurrences that winds tend to pass by your place, and stuff is surely gets blown to the gutter. It wouldn’t hurt to do some checks every two weeks – just checking for any potential clogs, because when clutter isn’t a lot in your gutters yet, the winds can take care of it. But if the DIY in you awakens, you can bring your work gloves and your hand shovel with you – do a little bit of cleaning. In winter, you can also rake some of the snow off your roof just to prevent any serious buildup.

Usually it’s suggested that you do the gutter cleaning twice a year. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you spend an extra day with your gutters, right? Hallett Gutter Covers provide the Ultimate in Leaf Control, so you can also try to install their covers and make cleaning down to a minimum, if not forgetting all about it. Remember, gutter covers don’t make you forget cleaning, they help you have an easier time doing the task. Have a good weekend!


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