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A testimonial from one of our satisfied customers!

October 21st, 2011

It warms our heart to know that we are able to help people with their gutters. Here’s one satisfied customer — Mr. Don Suttner. Thanks for trusting us!      hallett-default

Hallett Gutter Cover System keeps gutters clean 10 years later!

“Infrequently do I find that products exceed my expectation! I would say that the Hallett Gutter Cover System goes beyond anything I had imagined. The professionally installed gutter protection guys would have us believe that the only way to clean gutters is to buy their painfully expensive product and have them install it. If I have to empty my bank account to achieve this result, I will spend time on a ladder. To my surprise, some ten years ago I discovered the Hallett System which was geared to the DIY crowd. Being the cautious type, I decided to install the system only on my worst situations for clogging. I’m talking silver maple trees that drop trash, winged seeds and leaves at least four times a year. And then I waited. After ten years my curiosity got the best of me. I decided to get up there and see how much stuff had gotten past the Hallett Gutter Covers. The answer, after careful inspection, was absolutely nothing. I was expecting some accumulation around the down spout port as a minimum but no, clean as a pin.

Now it’s time to put up the rest of my gutter covers as it is clear to me that these things really work. While I don’t have the data to say you will never clean your gutters again, my experience would suggest that this is a plausible outcome. Next report, 2021.”

Don Suttner

Ridgway, Illinois

October, 2011


Posted in: Gutter Cover, gutter guards, Gutter System, Testimonial