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Clean or Cover?

September 2nd, 2011

There will be always different perspectives in home maintenance. People will usually prefer the old-fashioned way or a faster and modern way of doing things. Why do people prefer the old-fashioned methods? For them, it saves them more and spares them from the hassle. It even comes out as more effective at times. On the other hand, people using modern methods say that tasks get done faster and complete it with minimal effort. It comes with a price, but for them – it’s worth it.

When it comes to the gutter system, a dilemma also occurs. For the home owner that’s planning to change to gutters of his/her home, the way of cleaning and maintaining is also a big question. If the home owner gets the gutters installed – what’s the best way of keeping it in good working condition as long as possible?

Cleaning Gutters: This means literally cleaning it when debris starts to pile up. Some prefer this way since it saves them money and they don’t have to invest in gutter covers. Cleaning can be done by using a few tools. Ladders, gloves, bucket and even a leaf blower is good enough for getting the job done. Professional cleaning can also be done but the price may vary depending on the length of the gutter. Some gutter cleaning services literally just clean the gutter so even though the latter is cleaned, the downspouts will be untouched. What if the downspouts have lots of debris inside?

Cleaning them the old-fashioned way may be fine, but the dangers are there. Ladders may be wobbly or unsteady, and is a leading cause of house accidents. Leaning them against gutters are also not good, as it deforms the gutters. An A-frame ladder can be a good alternative. Gutters without covers are harder to clean especially when debris get stuck and a layer of muck forms.

Gutter Covers: Others do not hesitate to invest in adding a gutter guard to the roof drainage system. Why? Installing the right type of cover greatly reduces the amount of debris that the gutters collect, making it easier to clean. It also prevents clogging in the downspout, as lesser debris accumulates. Having the right type of cover is extremely important, as other cover types still lets other debris such as pine needles and other seeds get into the gutter. One good type of gutter guard is the one from Hallett, which is the reverse curve type.

Gutter guards virtually remove the requirement of gutter cleaning. However, it is still essential to check the gutters at least twice a year to check for any build-up or potential clogs and repairs. No matter how much some brands promise that you won’t need to clean your gutters – you still need to.

Clean it? Cover it? It depends. It is still down to the homeowner’s choice.


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