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New Product From Hallett!!

August 29th, 2019

The wait is over!  Our new Hallett DuraFlo is here!

Why Hallett DuraFlo?

 Helps prevent clogged gutters.

Overflowing gutters can damage your basement, foundation, landscaping and shrubbery, costing you money.

Will not void your roof warranty.

DuraFlo is installed under the first row of shingles, NOT SCREWED TO YOUR ROOF.

DuraFlo is installed over your existing gutters.

When installing DuraFlo there is no need to replace your gutters or downspouts.

Professionally installed.

A factory-trained dealer will clean, inspect and repair your gutters before installation.

Choose from 10 Colors

Heavy .024 aluminum.

Protects your gutters from buildup of ice and snow.

20 year, transferable warranty.

Even if you decide to sell your home. DuraFlo’s warranty is transferable to the new owner!


Slowly pour water out of a glass. Surface tension or liquid adhesion causes water to cling to the outside of the glass as it spills. 

DuraFlo Works the same way….

1. S bend technologies reverse curve slows the water as it flows off the roof. 

2. Like water running down a glass, rain water bonds to the surface and flows down the panel into the gutter. 

3. The DuraFlo’s curved nose forward design allows water to enter the gutter. 

4. A continuous 1/2″ open water channel will handle the heaviest rainfalls while keeping out bird’s nests and debris. 


What our customers are saying about DuraFlo….

“We were very surprised how inexpensive DuraFlo was”  –Mr. and Mrs Healey of Indianapolis, IN

“Every year we paid to have our gutters cleaned…spring and fall…DuraFlo solved our problem”– Mr. Berring of St. Louis, MO

“My husband is too old to be climbing on ladders to clean our gutters” — Mrs. Daniels of Reading, PA

“I purchased DuraFlo and weeks later, three of our neighbors did the same”–Mr. Donley of Lexington, Ky

“When our contractor installed our gutters, he suggested Duraflo and we are very pleased”–Mr. and Mrs Stevens of Effingham, Il


Find an Installer!

Or give us a call @ 1-800-327-5059 and we will help you locate a qualified 

installer in your area. 



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