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Posts Tagged: ladder
Quick Tip 16: Ladder Placement
October 13th, 2011

A basic but important rule for ladders: For every 4ft of height that the ladder’s going, the base should be a foot away from the side of the house. This ensures stable placement.

Posted in: Quick Tip, Safety

Clean or Cover?
September 2nd, 2011

There will be always different perspectives in home maintenance. People will usually prefer the old-fashioned way or a faster and modern way of doing things. Why do people prefer the old-fashioned methods? For them, it saves them more and spares them from the hassle. It even comes out as more effective at times. On the other hand, people using modern methods say that tasks get done faster and complete it with minimal effort. It comes…

Posted in: Gutter Cover, gutter guards, Gutter System

Quick Tip 10: Going Up the Ladder
August 2nd, 2011

Not confident to go up the ladder yet to do the gutter cleaning? Have a companion to support the ladder with you to make sure it’s firmly placed on the ground. It also saves time as you don’t need to always go up and down.    

Posted in: Gutter Cleaning, Quick Tip, Safety

Gutter Cleaning: By Hand or Cleaning Aids?
August 1st, 2011

Cleaning gutters – there will always be home owners who‘ll dislike this a lot. Messy, gross, difficult and takes a while to get it done. No wonder there will always be cases of neglected gutters or added expenses because of the gutter cleaning service that they‘ll pay for. Keep in mind that it‘s only cleaning the gutters – it does not include checkups on leaks or potential damages and the downspouts. There are two ways…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter System

Cleaning Gutters for the First Time
July 27th, 2011

Some people have become dependent in the past several years, in terms of technology and work. Inventions, new concepts and innovations have sprouted like weed. It serves their purpose anyway – making things easier, efficient and less effort required. It’s the same for the gutter system. In ancient times, (yes, gutters did exist way, way before) simple irrigation systems diverted floodwater and was directed to farms and back to nature. Simple but it does the…

Posted in: Articles, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Cover, Gutter System