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Roof Moss

December 2nd, 2011

Most home owners love the way houses can blend in with nature. Gardens, landscaping and flower beds make every home look pleasing to the eye. Have you ever noticed a neighbor’s roof from afar and noticed a slight tinge of green? Have you seen a “green carpet” on a neighbor’s roof?  What you are seeing is probably roof moss.  Roof moss or roof algae is a common sight. This is more apparent in states that receive frequent rainfall and high humidity.

No matter how good it may look at first roof moss is an issue that needs to be dealt with right away. It may not directly affect the roof’s durability but it speeds up its wear and tear. Moss and algae trap water, so there is a chance that some might seep through to the frame increasing the opportunity for rot or mold. How can we remove roof moss? It’s actually simple.

The Usual – a bristle scrub brush usually does the trick especially if the growth is just starting. Just make sure to brush it down, not up against the shingles. Brushing it up ruins the shingles’ bond between layers.

Pressure Washer – this can be used, BUT NEVER USE A HIGH PRESSURE SETTING. This can ruin your shingles. The pressure washer is sometimes used as a last resort for roofs with thick growths of moss and lichens.

Bleach – This is a good complement to your brush as it helps break up the moss makes it easier for you to scrape it off the roof. There are a lot of varieties available but you must prevent getting chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach can kill plants below your house as it falls down from the roof. It could ruin your roof paint, and builds corrosion on your gutter system! The best cleaning agent is oxygen bleach. It loosens the grip of roof moss and kills it instantly. After applying the bleach you should see the color changing from green to brown or white. After that you can easily brush the moss off your roof.

Try pulling the moss with your hand first. Did you notice the water build up? Roof moss traps moisture and this is not good for your roof and shingles. It can weaken the attachments and possibly seep through opening up the opportunity for wood rot or mold to occur. This needs to be dealt with if you don’t want a green carpet on your roof!

How do you remove roof moss? Do you have other ways to keep them away from your roof? Join the discussion at Hallett Gutter Cover’s Facebook page.

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