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The Gutter Shovel

December 12th, 2011

For cleaning gutters though there are a lot of tools that are out in the market wesometimes prefer doing it the usual way. Go up the ladder, put on some gloves and let our hands do the talking. Gutter cleaning is very easy. You just need work gloves, aladder and a bucket or trash bag. If you’re one of the people who prefer this style of cleaning you might need another tool – the hand shovel.

The hand shovel is a helpful tool especially in gutter cleaning. There’s even a hand shovelnow that’s made just for gutters and it can be purchased very inexpensively.  It’s perfect not for just scooping up debris – it also works for scraping dried gutter muck. It makes scrubbing easier and it’s a time saver. If you have a garden shovel, that’s good enoughfor cleaning the gutters. However you can also buy hand shovels that are specifically designed for gutter cleaning.

Usually, gutter cleaning kits come with the complete set – extension tubes (for hard toreach nooks and crannies), a scraping tool and a gutter shovel. A gutter shovel has a different design compared to ordinary hand shovels. It looks like a miniature dust pan and the edge is slightly contoured for scraping. It’s better to buy a whole kit as it saves you more money compared to purchasing the individual tools.

Proper care of the shovel should be maintained. Just store your shovel in a cool dry place, wash it properly after use and put it alongside similar tools. Aside from cleaning gutters, the shovel can also be used for a compost pile and gardening.

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