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An Easy Way to Remove Rust in Gutters

June 11th, 2012

Before when we think a certain component has accumulated rust it is rendered useless, or close to being disposed. We can try to get the rust off by using a steel brush or abrasive paper but this isn’t good enough. There can still be traces of rust so it just persists and results in another day of cleaning.

If your gutters are made of aluminum, you’re lucky and have made the right choice. Aluminum never rusts and it becomes more durable when painted. So if you have one, get it painted well. It surely can last for as long as 20 or even 30 years. On the other hand, if you had metal gutters that were installed long before you were born or ones that have been installed before you moved in there’s a chance that it has rust. It all boils down to the homeowner on how she/he will deal with it (we might not even know if they’d bother to check it anyway) – have the affected part replaced or repaired.

Let us share to you what can be done when you choose the second option. If the rust isn’t that horrible or severe you can do it yourself. Who knows, there’s just a DIY persona waiting to come out in you. First things first. DO NOT EVER lean your ladder against your gutters. If you want to have an ugly dent on them go ahead. But seriously, do not lean the ladder. Get A-Frame ladders or stabilizers to prevent the damages. You’ll need tools that can “loosen up” the rust and makes it easier for you to scrub it off.  It’s the same process and the only difference is you’re doing it off the ground. You’ll need an emery cloth, work gloves, steel brush; elbow grease, WD-40 (a popular brand for rust removal), steel wool and an old towel if possible. Don’t forget to have a face mask – you’ll need it.

Now you’ve got the tools, a pinch of bravery and safety precautions. The process is straightforward. With the ladder safely in place and knowing where the rust is, use the steel brush to scrape loose rust. Make sure you are wearing the face mask to be safe from “rust dust.” Apply the WD-40 then scrub it with the emery cloth. Wipe it off with the towel, apply the WD-40 again then apply elbow grease to the affected area. Scrub it again with steel wool to give that smoother and shiny finish. Wipe again with cloth and you’ll see the difference. This is also a good step when the affected area has a hole since it makes the leak repair more effective.

If the affected area of the gutter is too big and beyond repair, a replacement is highly recommended. Better yet, after replacement you can add gutter guards just in case you don’t have anything installed. It prevents clogs that trap water. Water is a major component for rust and corrosion – gutter guards help ensure that clogs are prevented thus preventing rust buildup for the longest time.

What other methods do you have for rust removal in gutters?


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