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The Dangers of Gutter Cleaning

May 9th, 2012

Having gutter guards can help in increasing home safety.  We see our house as a haven but without proper care and maintenance it might turn to a danger zone in a few years. Home accidents pile up by the thousand every year, some even resulting in death. What are those danger spots? The stairs, bathroom, balcony, kitchens and driveways. Falling off the ladders isn’t an exception as this is also a major contributor, mostly from cleaning gutters. It’s no surprise when homeowners are always on the lookout for safety gear and products just to minimize the risk of accident and injury.

There are several causes of accidents involving ladders and gutter cleaning.

Ladder placement – This isn’t new at all. Uneven positioning, leaning against the wall or gutter, soft ground — name it. Some would just ignore it and still go up the ladder though it’s obvious that it isn’t stable enough. Aside from being an accident prone tool, it also damages the paint on the walls, dents the gutters and roofs because of the weight.

Electrical Wiring – There are instances where certain wirings of the house are placed on or along the roof. In connection with unstable ladders, the victim loses his/her balance and takes grip on any possible thing to grab on. There are times when it’s the wiring so it ends up in electric shock.

Insects – Do not ever underestimate the small critters that fly around. Wasps, hornets and bees can sting the hell out of you. Imagine seeing them while on the ladder and cleaning the gutters. It’s either you suffer throughout the pain or panic and slip down the ladder. Most of the insects build their nests inside the gutters and unless you check it thoroughly first you won’t even notice the hives.

Improper Clothing Used – Sometimes, we forget to wear the proper clothes in tasks inside the house. We don’t want to wear worn out clothes or those baggy pants. People sometimes use the wrong gloves for gutter cleaning. Keep in mind that some parts of the roof have sharp edges and some of them probably have accumulated rust. There are also instances when the wrong shoes are worn and not the proper work shoes. This results in slipping and falling down the roof or ladder.

Allergies and other health ailments – Allergic reactions to mold and mildew, vertigo and dizziness and even the fear of heights also greatly affect the safety of the homeowner.

If you don’t want to get in harm’s way it’s up to you. Who wants to get into an accident anyway? Unstable ladder? Get A-Frame ladders or make sure that the ladder is in a stable location. Do not let the ladder lean against the roof or the gutters. In this placement there’s no fear of falling down. Make yourself always familiar with the locations of the electrical connections and make sure that there’s no live or torn wire. Wear proper work clothing to prevent slipping or injury. Risk of allergic reactions can be prevented by wearing face masks. One of the best solutions is having a gutter guard to minimize the need of cleaning. Gutter guards prevent the entry of debris as much as possible and insects won’t be able to enter.


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