"If you try Hallett Gutter Cover® you will wonder why you ever considered using anything else. We never have to spend time cleaning out gutters or cleaning debris from gutter screening. We were so impressed with Hallett Gutter Cover®, we became a supplier in Georgia."

– Southeast Aluminum Products, GA.

"When I found Hallett Gutter Cover® I had just retired and was looking for a part-time, extra income job to keep me busy. I was at a Remodelers Show when I came across the Hallett Gutter Cover® display and knew right away that this was what I was looking for! I could easily buy Hallett direct from the manufacturer, which keeps the cost low and with the ease of installation I could do this as a one-man operation. Before long I couldn't keep up with the demand and was actually referring business to another installer. My part-time job has now become a year round job and the extra income has far exceeded my expectations. Not only do I love this product, I love the extra income!"

– E. Melvin Exteriors, IN

"Hallett Gutter Cover® has saved my company countless dollars and hours over the last year. With the installation so easy and the cost so low, we added 'Hallett' to our product line as an add-on incentive for our employees. What we didn't expect was how high in demand a gutter cover system was and how easy it was to sell. We now have a full-time installer of Hallett Gutter Cover® year round and the profit is extraordinary!"

– Myler Construction, PA

"Our company came across Hallett Gutter Cover® by accident. We were using another gutter cover that gave us a lot of grief and a whole lot of callbacks. A sales rep showed us the Hallett Gutter Cover® and this cover didn't have the same problems the other gutter covers had, plus it was a whole lot cheaper. "We had been looking for a profitable add-on-sale for our business, and an incentive for our employees and a solution for our customer's problems. Hallett Gutter Cover® met all our requirements for complementing our current business, like: a top quality product, affordable, variety of colors, easy installation and profitable. We started using Hallett and it took off with amazing results. It didn't take long for us to see our profits rise and our customers happy." "Hallett Gutter Cover® has been a great asset to our business and recommend it to any company who is looking for a product to add extra income to their existing business or making it their only business. It's easy to sell, can buy direct from the manufacturer and has a great income potential!" "What more can you ask for?!"

– Custom Flo Seamless Gutters, IN