The Ultimate in Leaf Control (TM), Hallett Gutter Cover delivers solid protection from dirty, risky and costly hand cleaning of gutters, in addition to virtually eliminating water damage to fascia, siding and foundation from gutter overflows. Made with heavy-gauge aluminum with patented fastening clips, Hallett Gutter Cover easily handles the heaviest rain, snowfall and damaging winds.

Hallett Gutter Cover:

  • Blends into existing gutter line without hurting a home's curb appeal
  • Keeps leaves, sticks, dirt and debris out of your gutters
  • Directs up to 6 inches of rain/hour away from your home
  • Virtually eliminates costly and risky gutter cleaning
  • Prevents animals and birds from nesting
  • Helps prevent ice damming

Hallett Gutter Cover is a sound investment.

For home owners who no longer want to – or have the time – to clean their gutters, an investment in Hallett Gutter Covers is a wise decision. But peace of mind also comes from knowing having the Hallett system installed greatly diminishes any likelihood of insect infestations, mold risks inside basements and attics as well as costly water damage to fascia, siding or foundations from continued gutter overflow.

Add it all up and Hallett Gutter Cover becomes a wise choice for homeowners.

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